Friday, September 30, 2011


Ralph Rucci makes some of the most beautiful clothing in the world, but you might never know that from the garments for which Vogue makes patterns available.  Example Vogue 1269.  Sigh.  I guess it is his fault for making the ugly thing in the first place.  And this jacket should never be worn with this dress.


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with that one too, especially after the brilliant dress they did earlier in the year. Can't remember the number - the white wrap dress with kimono sleeves. I like the Pamela Rolland dress from the new collection though.

paco peralta said...

Hi Heidi .- Yes, I've thought the same when I see this pattern: that horror !!!... But now I think this pattern could be interesting. I have reviewed the Rucci styles, and I think this style is the most primitive Rucci. The two-piece suits, closely resemble the style of Balenciaga. This model also is made with two layers of tissue, which can also be interesting sewing instructions. Well, I am going to order the pattern, and I'll let you know (maybe I have a disappointment ...)

King regards,


paco peralta said...

sorry: "KIND" regards..ohhh..muy english