Monday, October 3, 2011

Simplicity 9825

This post might just as well be subtitled "another navy skirt."  but I needed this one!  My other denim skirt is very old and doesn't really look like denim anymore. This was a beautiful cotton/bamboo mix that I got at my neighborhood fabric store, Nancy's Sewing Basket.

I love this skirt pattern a lot. (I currently have three others in rotation.  It's just a very basic 4 gore skirt, but the shape works very well for me, and I wear all my skirts a lot.)  If I had a uniform, it would be a-line skirt, top, and cardigan.  Pretty standard stuff for me.

Here is a close up of the skirt where you can see the topstitching:

This was the only thing I did that wasn't regulation; I thought it gave it a more dressy vibe.  This is pretty much a straightforward skirt, so nothing much to tell on the construction side.  It doesn't fit quite as well as the other ones (just a little loose,)  but I made the others back in the days before I blogged and didn't take construction notes.  If I did something different, I don't remember what it was.  Grump.  I'm pretty happy with this though.  Time to make something more complicated.


Faye Lewis said...

Love the denim skirt.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Perfect skirt! Even with blogging, I find that I sometimes forget to include critical details in my posts/reviews. Then I get annoyed with myself when I make the item again!

The "NoteBook" Team said...

Love the "simplicity" of the design. (Excuse the pun!) Looks great - smart, indeed.

Andrea said...

I love your denim skirt. The color looks so rich.