Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy Last Day of 2011 everyone!  I'm on holiday goofing off and wishing I was sewing.  (Which is a nice  change.  My desire to sew seems to have come back!)  I hope everyone has had a great holiday season and the new year brings you lots of good things.

I have a couple of things I've done but not posted yet.  I managed to save my icy blue Violet shirt, and I made a holiday dress.  I only have crap pictures of that so far, so here is a teaser picture.

Have a great year everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Violet: Take 2

Here is my second version of the Violet top from Colette Patterns.

There is a little ripple in the collar in this picture, but it is not there in real life, just the way it is laying.  I moved the bust darts down to the proper place and am now pretty happy with this shirt.  I made a stupid mistake when cutting it out, so it is a hair shorter than the last version, and I also had a lot of issues getting the collar to be perfectly rounded where it goes up in the front.  I don't want to spend a lot of time monkeying with something that I am never going to get right, so I am going to change the collar for the next version.  The fabric came in a mystery box a couple of years ago and I am assuming that it is some kind of cotton.  It has little ridges on it like twill.  I dunno, it was nice to finally be able to use it up.  This is post-washing and there is NO bubbling of the interfacing.  All in all, I'm pretty happy with it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


What is this I see?

That would be my interface bubbling on my new shirt.  Which is annoying because I only use the good stuff, and it has never done this before.  Which means it is either this fabric or user error.  (I have cut several pieces from this length and have not had any other problems.) What's more annoying is that it is not only on the facings, but on the collar too.  It doesn't look too bad after being pressed, but it doesn't look good.  Right now I have to figure out if I want to rip out the facing and collar (and lower the bust dart while I'm at it.)  I love this fabric (this picture does not show it's true color) and cannot get any more, so I need to figure out how much work I want to put in to salvaging this item.  Grump.

On a more fun note, here is my gingerbread painting for this year.  It's the scene from Die Hard where the Nakatomi Plaza blows up.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Colette Patterns: Violet

I made something!!!!! Wooo hoo!  Ok.  I've calmed down.  I desperately need blouses that go with jeans AND skirts.  I've been flirting with getting the Colette Patterns Violet top for awhile, but resisted because I though I could draft something similar.   Turns out I can.  Also turns out I don't have much motivation to do so, so I caved and bought the thing.  (There was no sun today, so crappy flash picture will have to suffice.)

I made several fitting changes and one big style change.  ( I like Colette Patterns a lot, but I always make a muslin because I have to make so many fitting changes.)

  • I added 5/8 inch to the seam allowance because I liked the length of my muslin without hemming.
  • The bust darts ended somewhere slightly above my waist, so I raised them.  I can see from this photo that I raised them too high, so I will move them down just a smidge.
  • There was a lot of gaping at the neckline (and too much fabric at the upper chest) so I took all of that out by making a neckline dart and then moving it into the bust dart.  (I did not muslin this change and may be what raised the bust dart point a little higher than I thought it was.)
  • I took about 1 inch out of the length of the back yoke piece.  (Above the armpit.)  I often end up with a bunch of fabric pooling in the middle of my back and  I don't have a swayback.  What I have discovered is that the pattern length from my neck to my armpit is often too long for me and causes the back of my shirts to be longer than the front.  Hence the pooling.
  • I made an under collar piece slightly smaller than the upper collar, so it would look nicer.
  • I did not care for either of the sleeve options, to I took the short sleeve piece and turned into more of a cap sleeve shape.  Much more flattering and comfortable on me.

This fabric is kind of an odd color (super saturated in real life) so I thought it would be great for my first prototype.  (It was one of the $2 per yard cotton poplins I got from Fabric Mart.)  Aside from the darts being a little too high and having some trouble getting the rounded parts of the collar just right, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  It is exactly my kind of shirt, and I will probably make several of them now that I have the fit right.  (I tend to procrastinate on making things with buttons, which is stupid because the machine I have now does great buttonholes.)  I also like the peter pan collar, but am going to play around with some different collar shapes because I can.  Colette patterns tend to skew young, and I might want to age this up a bit by adding a less youthful collar.  (Although I think it looks fine on me.)  All in all, I'd say I am pretty happy.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hey! I'm Still Here!

So, I just realized that I have not posted here in like a month.  Oops.  And I haven't sewn anything in that time either.  Double oops.  Well, I have two reasons for that.  One is that I have been trying to improve my wheel throwing skills in ceramics, and in order to do so I have had to put in a lot of time.  Throwing does not come natural to me, and it has taken quite a lot of work for me to get better.

The other sewing preventer is the fact that I have had to change my eating habits again (last time I realized I could no longer eat gluten.  ugh.) and I have been  slowly but surely getting smaller. Although that could change.  I would like my weight to stabilize before I get super busy sewing again.  However, I do need some shirts, so there should be some projects come up.

Mostly right now, I want to step back and think about my wardrobe as a whole and form a loose plan for what I really want it to be.  So for a little while, my posts should be geared around wardrobe thoughts and shirts.  Also bad pictures of ceramics.

Here are a couple of things I've made this quarter that I love.  There is no sunshine in Seattle right now, so these are the best I can do.  I think I'm gonna get my photographer friend to help me take some better pictures eventually.