Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dream Sewing

So, I finally got to see an endocrinologist, and we are in the process of narrowing down what is wrong with me.  (It looks like hyperparathyroidism, which is annoying, but easy to treat. I just need a few more tests to make sure.)  So, no sewing here.  But I am thinking a lot about it and what I would like to be working on. Here are a few projects that I started and still want to finish.  Everything else unfinished in the past, I am going to let go.

Sewing Through the Decades: I started this challenge over a year ago, which was to sew a dress from each decade from the 1920's on up.  I got stuck in the 20's because the dress I was making was horrific.  (The 20's silhouette is not really great on my figure.)  I am thinking now that anything from each decade would be okay.  I love this 1920s bridge jacket from Decades of Style.

Mystery Box Challenge:  I would like to finish up my mystery box challenge mentioned here.  (I received 4 fabrics in a Fabric Mart mystery bundle and I need to use them all up.)  I made one project - my color block dress - and got bogged down.  I have 2 weird fabrics and one really nice one left.  I think I am going to see what dying this one blue will do, and then maybe turn it into a spring skirt.

Craftsy Classes:  I have purchased three Craftsy Classes.
  • Sew Retro Perfect Bombshell Dress with Gretchen Hirsch
  • The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje
  • Sew Retro: The Starlet Suit Jacket with Gretchen Hirsch

I don't really want to make the bombshell dress, but I got the class because I was interested in the techniques.  I do however want to make the Couture Dress and the Starlet Suit Jacket.  (Can I mention my dislike for the couture label that gets slapped on everything.  Using couture techniques does not a couture dress make.)  I tend to take the easy way out when making clothes, but I would like to have some nicer techniques under my belt.


    Faye Lewis said...

    I too thought skirt when I saw your fabric - not sure why. I would LOVE to take the couture dress Class. Maybe later.

    Anonymous said...

    "(Can I mention my dislike for the couture label that gets slapped on everything. Using couture techniques does not a couture dress make.)"

    THANK YOU. I hate term dilution. I know a lot of couture techniques, don't usually take shortcuts and believe I have great taste. But I don't consider what I do "couture."

    I once joked on the web with Kathleen Fasanella that a lot of people think, "If I have a machine and do a little hand sewing, I'm doing couture." Americans are some of the most self-delusional people on earth.

    For a good, succinct description of what couture is, people should read the first section of the Claire Shaeffer "Couture Sewing" books. She discusses a couple of Paris couture houses.

    Anonymous said...

    I should add that I would definitely take a class with Susan Khalje. I'm familiar with her books and know someone who took a class Khalje taught with Kenneth King, who I've taken classes with. They're knowledgeable people.

    I can sew exquisite things without having to claim they're "couture."

    Ginger said...

    I love that '20's bridge jacket! Such a cute style, and it doesn't look costume-y at all!

    Sheila said...

    Ol' faithful thyroid... if I get one more ultrascan/biopsy I am going to scream. Glad to know that you are getting closer to finding out what's wrong.

    Lovely fabric and can envision it as a skirt,. Cute jacket and the term bridge jacket is new to me.