Thursday, April 12, 2012

Simplicity 2258

I am not a big fan of the elastic waist anything.  As an hourglass, any extra fabric around my waist is not gonna look good.  But I wanted to make a straight skirt without a lot of fitting because I'm still not feeling that well and wanted an easy project.  So, I bought Simplicity 2258, which looked kind of cute.

Well, it's just ok on me, but whatever.  I didn't expect this to be the greatest skirt ever.  (Although, you know that every time you make something, you kind of hope it will be.)

When I wear this in real life I'm going to pair it with a longer shirt, to cover up some the balloon effect that this has on me.  (You know you're not doing that well when the "hands in pocket" picture is the best one.)  The pockets are okay - although I don't use pockets much - and I am not sold on the side slit. Oh well.  This was very easy to make with good instructions.