Thursday, June 28, 2012

Simplicity 9505

So, I have made one of the three things I wanted to take to Hawaii - the nightgown.  It took me awhile because I am having some minor complications from the surgery.  (My body is not entirely happy with the new levels of calcium and I am not feeling very well because of it.  My levels are normal, but my body is used to it being much higher.)  I ended up buying 2 pairs of shorts, and who knows about the dress.

Anyway, here is the nightgown:

Nothing fancy, but perhaps you might be interested in a close-up of the fabric.

Yup.  That's the Virgin Mary.  I was looking for a thicker cotton that was more modest for when I had guests over, and I had this in the stash.  If she can't protect my modesty, I don't know what can.  (The top photo is more true to color.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Surgery Update and Sewing Plans

Hey!  I'm back(ish)!  So, I finally had my thyroid/parathyroid surgery and am currently recuperating at home.  So, they took three nodules out of my thyroid - no cancer happy to say.  They also removed the bad parathyroid that has been causing me all the trouble: tiredness, bone pain, depression etc.  I am currently trying to get my calcium levels up to normal, and once I do, I should be good to go and feeling a lot better.  Yay!

Sewing Plans:
I'm hoping that once I get feeling better again, my sewing desire/ability will return as I am taking a trip to Hawaii in July and would like to get a few things sewn for the trip.

  • New nightgown that I can wear in front of guests and not embarrass anyone. (Including myself.)
  • New shorts.  I'm going to give McCall's 6361 a try.

  • A new dress.  Maybe Burda 7513?  (The long version.)

Reviews of this dress haven't been glowing, but it won't hurt to make a muslin.  We'll see.