Thursday, September 27, 2012

Toss It!

I have been half-heartedly working on a dress for a couple of weeks now and I just can't force myself to finish it.  There's nothing really wrong with it, but it's for the wrong season, I don't love the fabric, and I can't be bothered to fix the front neckline. I have lost my inspiration.  I think I am going to toss it and make something I really want.  As per usual, I need shirts.  Life is too darn short to get all mopey over a stupid dress.  I feel better about sewing already.


Trumbelina said...

I applaud you!! I have a hard time doing that, and when I do, it usually involves a mini-temper tantrum followed by a good dose of guilt.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Life is too short to slog away at something miserable. Set it aside if you're not ready to chuck it and move on to something new!