Thursday, November 29, 2012

Year in Review

Well, it's pretty obvious that I have kind of lost my desire to sew, which is sad because it is something that I have enjoyed in the past.  (And I hate buying clothes at stores.  Ick.)  Being ill for the first part of the year (and then spending the second half trying to catch up to my life) put sewing on the back burner for a while, and I'd like to change that if I can.  I'm in an in between place in my life right now and am thinking about what I'd like to do next.  I have finished all my major projects, come back from an amazing trip to Seoul and Taipei, and am at a place where I can make some changes to my routine.  And one of those changes is making sewing a higher priority.

I've been looking at what I made this year (admittedly not much) and evaluated the different patterns to see where I should put my focus.

  • Colette Patterns Violet: I made three of these this year and have worn them regularly.  (Along with the two others I made last year.)  I enjoyed sewing this pattern and since there are a few more changes I would like to make, I will probably sew some more.
  • Nightgowns: I made three nightgowns this year and wear the hell out of them.  I don't need anymore right now, so I mostly won't make more for a while.
  • Simplicity 2245: I made a painting smock from this pattern that worked out quite well.  I also just made a dress that turned out so unflattering that I'm not even gonna take a picture of it.  The neck yoke is horribly sewn but I won't go and fix it because, while the rest of it is well sewn, my fabric choices were wrong. WRONG!
  • Simplicity 2258: Meh skirt.  Already gave it away.
  • Vogue 8536: This was a knit shirt that I am not completely sold on, but I wear it fairly regularly.  My husband loves it.
  • Butterick 5753: Batwing knit shirt that is too big and I am too lazy to fix it.  Still gets some wear, but I'm not loving it.
  • 2 wadders that I am not even going to get into.
Turns out, everything I have made since my surgery has been crap or iffy.  No wonder I am having motivation problems!  If I don't have a success with my current project (simple A line skirt) I think I will go back one of my tried and true patterns just to make something I feel good about.  Ahh sewing, how I love and hate you!

To leave you on a good note, I will post a picture from my recent travels. This was taken up in the mountains by Taipei.