Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy 2013

Happy New Year everybody!  I am a little late to the game for reasons I will discuss below, but I hope this year brings awesomeness to everybody.  Let's play a little catch-up now.

Christmas sewing: I did do some Christmas sewing this year.  My daughter requested some cloth napkins, and that was an easy enough request to satisfy.  I had some left over cotton quilting fabric, and just cut and hemmed some generous squares.  My husband also asked for a pair of pajama bottoms, which was also an easy project.  Easy projects were good for this year, because it turns out I have arthritis in my hands.

Arthritis diagnosis: So about a year ago, when I started all my hyperparathyroid issues, my hips started to hurt and I was no longer able to get around very much.  We all assumed it was part of what was going on with me, but it really wasn't.  I have psoriatic arthritis (it's one of the autoimmune ones) and it has moved from my hips to my elbows and hands.  December was pretty hard for me, but I am feeling much better now, although not quite back to normal.  This arthritis usually accompanies psoriasis, which I have never had, but I'm kind of itchy now, so guess what's coming?  Yeah, not sure this year is going to be any better than last year.  I'm indulging in a little self-pity right now, but it's already starting to get boring, so I'm sure it won't last much longer.  I do have a simple sewing project cut out for myself, and I'm raring to go.

Gingerbread Houses: As per usual, we made our crazy gingerbread houses again this year.  Darin made a jailbreak scene and my daughter and her boyfriend made the Battlestar Galactica.  I did another one of my "paintings" since my hands weren't up to a complicated assembly. (Also, I am much more interested in surface, so the candy and frosting paintings are more fun for me.)  I felt mildly inspired by Scandinavian design this year.

Going Forward: Well, we'll just see what happens.  This is one of those "taking one step at a time" situations.  I do have some fun things to look forward to: we bought a camping trailer to make camping easier for me (I love spending time with my husband in the middle of nowhere) and I have a youtube movie discussion show I'm working on.  I just need to pick myself up, brush myself off, and get back to it.


Faye Lewis said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Uta said...

What a bummer. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope you feel better soon!