Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spring 2013 Vogue Patterns

So, the new Vogue Patterns are out.  There are some basic, but nice, dresses, but nothing really caught my eye except for V8886.

It may be the color more than anything else, but I kind of seriously like the 60's vibe.

Some of the new shirts and dresses in the new collection have elasticized waists; I hope that doesn't become a thing.  It always looks sloppy to me.  (Also, I am an hourglass, and it just never looks good on me: too much like a bubble.)


Faye Lewis said...

A lovely cute little outfit. I almost hate it when new patterns come out cause I am SUCH A PATTERN-A-HOLIC!

Andrea said...

I love this outfit and would like to see this one on you.

Chris Lucas said...

I don't think we could ever have too many Faye :)