Monday, February 18, 2013

Simplicity 1693 (Modified)

I've had a piece of nice-ish polyester in my stash for a couple of years now, but it was pretty small, so I was looking for just the right sleeveless shirt pattern to pair with it. I grabbed Simplicity 1693 (crazy hat shirt), but really wasn't into the whole sleeveless thing. So, I decided to make the kimono sleeves view.

You may notice from looking at the pattern envelope, there is no kimono sleeves view.

No problem. I just drafted them myself. Instead of using one of my million pattern drafting books (which I love and used often before I started being sick ALL THE TIME,) I just followed the instructions in the January 2013 Threads magazine. Reading it was what made me realize I wanted to do it in the first place. It's a fairly easy thing to do, and is nice when you want sleeves, but may not have enough fabric to cut out extra pieces.

Pattern: Simplicity 1693 (Modified)
Fabric: A nicer polyester I bought at Joann's back when I was still buying fabric there.
Sewing Details: I made view D, but drafted kimono sleeves using the instructions in the Jan 2013 Threads magazine. It was a simple change that I nailed on the first try (I made a muslin of course.) I got lazy, so instead of using homemade bias tape for the neckline, I just followed the instructions and used store-bought. I cut the back out as one piece instead of two, which works for me, but if you are someone who needs that center back seam there for adjustment, it's how the pattern is supposed to work.
Final Project: I like it. It's just a simple shirt, but it will look nice with both jeans and skirts. I'm not completely sold on the neckline, so I may modify it for the next iteration.

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