Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What's Left From the Carnage

So, I went through all my clothing, and put everything into 5 piles:
  1. Still fits me.
  2. Too big, but storing away for future use just in case.
  3. Too big, but can easily be made smaller.
  4. Too big, but don't really like, so donating.
  5. Rag pile.
Here is what is left. (Not counting summer stuff in storage, which I also went through.)

Right now, I am short on knit tops and dresses. I had saved a bunch of stuff from when I had been smaller before, so I drug those out of storage and only had to buy 2 knit tops, a pair of jeans, and some bras. I could probably use more trousers, but I'm reluctant to buy/make any until my weight settles. As far as my sewing is concerned, I think I should focus on dresses, tunics, knit tops, and maybe a loose fitting lightweight jacket. Okay, at least now I know what I need.

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