Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rebuilding my Wardrobe

So, I have an interesting opportunity ahead of me, which is rebuilding my wardrobe - practically from scratch. I don't usually buy very many clothes, but I've had to buy some lately since nothing fits after an almost 40 pound weight loss. (For those that aren't regular readers this is illness-related. Please no congratulatory comments.) I've dug out some older clothes and culled through them to see which ones would still be wearable, and I've come up with a handful that will get me through for a while with a few store-bought items until I can make some more. I have been having more energy lately, so there has been a little sewing and I have a couple of projects waiting for pictures. But mostly I've been thinking about what I would like to have in the new updated closet.

  • Right now I have plenty of tops, so I'm not gonna focus on that, but I could use a few more hot-weather shirts.
  • More RED! Turns out I really love red and would like to incorporate more of it in my closet. My last wardrobe was more focused on blue. 
  • More solid color items to mix and match. I love prints, but it makes it harder with separates.
  • I need skirts. I'm down to just 2 or 3. Not good for a skirt-lover like me.
  • Dresses. Since I don't know where my weight will end up being, I'd like to focus on looser shapes that I won't have to alter in a couple of months. When I was larger, I tended towards more fitted dresses because they were more flattering. I'd like to experiment with new silhouettes to see what looks good now.
I have a new skirt ready to blog about, but I have some dress projects I'd like to work on next.

This is cute, and is more of an a-line dress than a tent dress if made in the appropriate size. (I have one of these in progress.)

So, this seems a little young for me, but I think I could age up the cap-sleeved version with an appropriate fabric and length. It seems like a cute way to salute the Gatsby drop-waisted trend without wearing a costume.

Vogue 8876. I have some red linen set aside for this. I'm not sure I'm up to it yet energy-wise, but it's on my list of things I'd really like to make.

These are just a few of the things I'd like to make, and I know I have to accept some weeks I won't feel like sewing. But it's been nice getting a few things done, and I can't wait to see how my closet will shape up.


Faye Lewis said...

You picked some really nice patterns.

Jean said...

I love your choices! I am just finishing up a version of the last dress pattern -- just need to sew the ties! -- I think yours would be gorgeous in red linen!

Angela said...

Those look like great choices and can't wait to see them!

Sheila said...

Lovely collection of patterns, I have NL6141.