Thursday, May 30, 2013

Simplicity 9825

I needed a new skirt, so I dug into my pattern stash and pulled out Simplicity 9825, which I have made a zillion times over the years. (It is unsurprisingly out of print, although you can still get it on the Simplicity website.) It's a little big in the waist even though I tried to compensate for it during the fitting stage. But, I often have that issue, so no biggy. I'll fix it on the next round.

It's just a simple A-line skirt. I did not line it because I am a slip person, and I just wanted something easy to sew. One detail that is very hard to see is that I did 5 rows of top stitching on them hem. It's not super noticeable in real life because the thread is a very close match, but it is one of those nice details that makes things special.

Pattern: Simplicity 9825 (OOP)
Fabric: Lavender linen. (I forget where from.)
Sewing details: I've made this so many times, I didn't even think of looking at the instructions. The hem is machine stitched, but I hand stitched the yoke facing. (It usually is faster and cleaner for me to do it that way. Whenever I have tried to top stitch the yoke, it's always looked super crappy inside.) I inserted an invisible zipper, and I attached the yokes to the front and back pieces before I sewed up the sides, so I could work out any fitting issues.
Satisfaction: Pretty high. I think this will make a nice skirt for kicking around in over the summer.


Faye Lewis said...

I love linen and your skirt looks very nice. I could see the top-stitching in the picture.

Angela said...

Ooo... Nice skirt! Glad you were able to add a skirt to your wardrobe as you rebuild.

Jean said...

Adorable skirt -- the topstitching is a great touch, even though it is subtle!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The topstitching is a nice, luxe little touch. It's things like this that make sewing worth it!

Sheila said...

Cute skirt and have that pattern... mmm need to pull it out.