Friday, June 28, 2013

Hollyburn Skirt

I wanted the Hollyburn skirt from Sewaholic Patterns, so I just decided to go for it. (I was holding off until my weight stabilized, but I decided that I needed a cute linen skirt now. Because it is hot in Seattle and you know, I just need a cute skirt.) I've been on a linen kick lately (as in I have bought a lot of linen lately) and decided to just make it. Here it is with blouse untucked:

Blouse tucked in: 

Waistband details:

I love love love this skirt. It feels both 1950ish and 1970ish when I put it on, and I can push it towards a particular era by what blouse I choose. I've already got one planned in lightweight denim.

Fabric: A somewhat stiffish linen purchased recently at Fabricmart. The color is a light cornflower blue that I just love so much. 

Details: I followed the instructions for the pocket application, but then just did my own thing. I inserted an invisible zipper instead of the called for slot zipper, and added two vintage buttons on the waistband tabs. I added the tabs because even though I don't usually wear things tucked in, I wanted the option to do so. I also machine sewed the hem. I thought I needed an extra 1/2 inch in the waistband (I didn't) so I took the one-piece band, and turned it into a band with front and back sections so I could sew on the waistband before I did the side seams. I didn't make a muslin for this, so I wanted to make sure I could adjust if needed. I moved the tabs back a little so they covered the waistband side seams.

Difficulties: For some reason I had issues sewing the back seam right underneath the zipper. I had to rip it out a couple of times (which was annoyingly hard because the thread was a perfect match.) I ended up hand sewing for about an inch and a half. I was using my secondary machine for this, so maybe that has something to do with it. I just don't know.

Conclusion: I love the way this skirt looks and it was a pleasure to sew. I will definitely make more of them!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Simplicity 3887

Long-time readers (since 2008/2009) may remember the T-shirt substitute I used to make all the time, Simplicity 3887 OOP. I never used to be a big fan of the T-shirt, so I used this pattern to create a ton of cute, easy to iron cotton shirts. Now that I am rebuilding my wardrobe, I figured a needed a new one just to keep the tradition alive.

This is just a cute, colorful shirt to wear on a hot summer day. I used a quilting cotton I bought years ago in Portland, and did look at the instructions since I had not made the shirt in years. I went down a couple of sizes than what I might usually make, since this is one of those shirts where someone was on crack when they decided what an appropriate amount of ease is. The only change i made was to take a teeny tiny dart out of the back neck yoke because it was gaping a little.

Nothing fancy, but I wore all of my previous versions of this shirt to tatters, so I imagine I will with this one as well.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quickie Sorbetto

I took the fabric I had left over from the polka dot shift dress and made a quickie Sorbetto from Colette Patterns. I also took a quickie picture. (I might take a nicer one later if I am so inclined.)

All I did to resize this pattern was to take in the sides a bit. Looking at this picture, I might want to take a bit out of the lower armhole. I will also shorten the darts just a touch.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Look 6125 x 2

So, I've knocked off the first of my summer dress wishlist - not just once but twice! It's a very simple A-line dress from New Look. I was drawn to the simple lines of it and the easy sewing. The arthritis in my hands is doing better, but I'm not quite up to anything fancy yet.

Version 1:

This dress is made from a lightweight stretch cotton I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics several years ago. I don't know why my grin is so goofy.

Version 2:

This one is made from another stretch cotton; this one from I did avoid putting a giant flower right across my bust, bit I could have placed it a little lower. Good enough though. As you can tell, I did not worry about pattern matching across the back pieces. I'm just not there right now.

I did not line either dress, and used bias tape to finish the neck and arm holes. The ease on this dress - if you follow the pattern envelope - is crazy large. I can see why folks on the internets complained about this being a tent dress. I choose to go down several sizes. If I was to use a non-stretch fabric I would think seriously about adding a zipper in the back. Rather than a tent, I feel like I have a cute 60's inspired dress. I did muslin this, and I'm happy I did. The darts needed lengthening, there was some gaping at the armhole, and some drag lines in the front. (Lengthening the darts and moving some of the fullness in the armhole got rid of the drag lines fyi.) I have plans to make this again in a lovely orange stretch linen I just bought. If I'm up to it, maybe some embroidery? I feel like I have been making the simplest of clothes lately, but they suit the summer, and I'm grateful to just be sewing. I feel like some of my interest is coming back.