Thursday, August 29, 2013

Comments and Io's First Project

I got a comment from Uta the other day letting me know that she could not leave a comment on this blog while viewing from Bloglovin. I signed up for an account, (Did not like it fyi. I'm using feedly and am pretty happy with that.) tried it myself, and was unable to leave a comment. I have done nothing on this end to block folks from bloglovin, so I am going to assume it is a bug on their end. Unfortunately, if you want to leave a comment and you use bloglovin, you will have to come directly to my blog. Sorry about that.

*Added* So not everyone is having a bloglovin issue it turns out. Ah technology.

Myself, I am a HUUUUGE lurker. Turns out, I am as huge an introvert on the internets as I am in real life. I have a small core of people that I feel comfortable commenting on, but often times I just read and enjoy. There's a awful lot of noise out there, and I am hesitant to add much to it. Because I am not a huge commenter, I don't get a lot of comments, which I am cool with. I am also really bad about commenting on a stranger's blog after they comment on mine. The social obligations of commenting can be overwhelming for me. Which is weird because other folks have no problems navigating this stuff. I love getting comments though, and truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to say hey.

In other news, my daughter has asked for sewing lessons. Here she is with her first project:

I  received this upholstery fabric by mistake from (They used to have this bug where if they were out of the fabric you ordered, instead of telling you, they would send you a kind of ugly fabric instead. This happened to me three times.) I just washed it up and had her hem the edges. Now she has a throw to keep in her car for emergency picnics and such. She turns 23 next week. Sigh.


Uta said...

I keep wondering whether I ought to do anything else/more to make it work on Bloglovin? I'm out of my depth there. Yay for kids catching the sewing bug. Your daughter's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

How fun! It must be awesome to be able to sew with your daughter!

I'm not sure about the bloglovin issue-- I've always followed your blog with bloglovin, and I don't have trouble leaving comments (although occasionally Blogger doesn't like my WP credentials and blocks me).

ricky james said...

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